Power dispersion machine is a kind of glass glue equipment. The English name is: High speed dispersion machine. It is a high-efficiency and multi-functional homogeneous mixer. It is the main equipment of glass glue production.

The powerful disperser has three motors, and there are three different types of agitators in the kettle. One of the agitators rotates around the axis of the kettle body, and the other two stirring devices rotate at high speeds around their own axes at different speeds, so that the material is in the kettle Make complex movements, subject to strong shearing and kneading. The mountain-shaped scraper in the machine and equipment rotates around the axis of the kettle body to scrape out the raw materials stuck on the wall and bottom, making it more ideal. The equipment has good air tightness, can be evacuated, and has a good exhaust and defoaming effect. The cylinder head of the equipment can be lifted hydraulically, and the cylinder body can be moved freely, which is very convenient to operate. The form of the stirrer can be multi-layer paddle type, frame type, butterfly type, impeller type, etc. according to the material requirements. Jinyetai machinery usually adopts variable frequency speed regulation to meet various process requirements.