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Characteristics of 3D mixer:

1. The design concept of the mixing cylinder of the three-dimensional mixer is different. The human body cavity has undergone high-precision grinding and polishing, no dead corners, no environmental pollutants, and the materials are discharged smoothly under the weight of the material when discharged. No environmental pollution, easy to discharge, easy to clean without accumulation;

2, small vibration, low noise, tooling fixtures can be adjusted, convenient installation and maintenance, long service life;

3. Because the mixing package has multiple aspects of fitness exercises, the material of the package body has more mixing points and the mixing effect is significant. The mixing uniformity is higher than that of the general mixer, and the deviation of the uniformity of the pharmaceutical ingredients is smaller than that of the general mixer In addition, the maximum capacity of the three-dimensional mixer is larger than that of the general mixer, which is 40% of the full capacity of the package, which is more than doubled to 85%;

4.The materials are mixed in a closed condition, which does not easily cause environmental pollution to the office environment;

5. Low aspect ratio, small rotating indoor space, engineering buildings (technical compartments) generally do not need to stink 10,000 years, and the total area of the outer field is small.

3D Mixer FAQ:

1. When loading and unloading, the electric type of the 3D mixer must be turned off to prevent the household appliances from malfunctioning, resulting in unnecessary safety accidents;

2. The mixing of the three-dimensional mixer is a three-dimensional space mixing, and a safety maintenance column is added to the reasonable scope of the barrel to prevent road safety accidents in life;

3. Before starting, do not stand up before the head to prevent accidents.

Common mixers are divided into four categories: vapor and high viscosity liquid mixers, medium and low viscosity liquid and mud mixers, powder and granular solid material mixing machinery and equipment. The three-dimensional mixer is a novel material mixer that is widely used in pharmaceutical industry, chemical plants, food, light industry and other manufacturing industries and scientific research institutions.