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The column type powder mixer is simply a column type mixing tank. The advantage is that the area is small, the structure is simple, the net weight is light, the noise is not large, the price is affordable, and it is easy to maintain. In the middle and late period, there are parts that are damaged and the parts must be replaced. It is also very easy to replace. It does not need to be too high in technological content, and the uniformity of stirring reaches about 70 to 80%. Customers with less uniform mixing can be considered. It is also more common for mixing materials, such as ordinary pellet feed, wheat flour, putty powder for interior walls, dry powder mortar dryer, recycled plastic, etc.

The disadvantages are self-evident. His principle is to spiral up vertically with the lower side of the machine and equipment, and then fall from the top to stir the circulation system. It is said that the degree of stirring is 70 to 80 percent. It must be more symmetrical and increase the stirring time, and some If the material ratio is large, the stirring time is too long, but the stirring will be separated, which will not achieve the expected actual effect. The second disadvantage is that the volume is large. Either it is not possible to reach a larger space, or it is a bit unacceptable to spend abroad.