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The vacuum harrow dryer belongs to a type of vacuum dryer equipment. Naturally, the vacuum drying equipment at this stage is diversified into various forms: double cone rotary vacuum dryer equipment, column mixing vacuum dryer equipment, and vacuum disc dryer. The difference of the vacuum harrow dryer depends on the setting of a harrow stirring device. This type of stirring device continuously rotates and stirs in the cylinder to make the material more even when exposed to heat. Therefore, it is used by many for slurry and mud. Dry, sticky food materials. But the same, this type of rake type stirring device promotes the vacuum rake type dryer to have certain limitations, only suitable for materials below 100 mesh dryness. When the wet material enters the vacuum harrow dryer, the tooth harrow just starts to rotate continuously to maintain mixing, which promotes the continuous innovation of the material surface that the inner cavity touches. After the surface of the food materials is subjected to steam heating, the water will be vaporized and discharged through dry test dust removal equipment, wet electrostatic precipitators, coolers and other machinery and equipment; the internal humidity of the food materials may be different from the outer skin, and may be along the food materials. The surface is released, so that the entire process of gasification and discharge is kept, and the dryness of the food materials is maintained. In order to deal with the agglomeration of some materials under dry conditions, it will cause the material to be uneven and uneven. The vacuum harrow dryer is equipped with a crushing rod, which reduces the agglomeration of the material according to the mutual effect of the crushing rod and the rake mixing device.

The entire dry process is under vacuum, and the moisture does not need to be higher than 100 ° C before the gasification step can be performed. This promotes a drastic reduction in the dry temperature required for the material, which is beneficial to the preservation of thermistor components in foods, and in comparison, it can retain a large number of nutritional elements. In addition, this type of high vacuum represents excellent airtightness, and has advantages for food materials that are prone to air oxides and vaporized gas that will cause relatively serious damage to the natural environment. In the case that garlic is made into dry garlic, the yield rate of water contains garlic sugar content, alliin, and other chemicals, which causes great environmental pollution. The vacuum rake dryer reduces the probability of outflow of organic waste gas, which is helpful to collect the sewage after collection.

In order to further improve the dryness and high efficiency, the vacuum harrow dryer not only has a hot device for internal mixing, but also the compartment can keep another hot, which promotes a large increase in the total heat transfer area and improves the thermal efficiency. Generally speaking, the vacuum rake dryer uses steam to enter the compartment to keep the compartment hot. This process urges that the steam must be heated in a small range, while maintaining rapid heating, it can also maintain environmental protection and energy conservation at a certain level.