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Standards for maintenance of vacuum kneaders: 1. After the vacuum kneader is installed, it is the first to carry out the removal, decontamination and scrubbing of rust-proof vegetable oil. Check each moistening point and introduce grease (grease). Grease is generally applied to 30-40 mechanical oil. After the new kneader is applied for 500 hours, the oil supply should be carried out and the new oil should be replaced. During continuous work, it will be replaced once every six months (8-hour work hour system). If the daily work hours are long, the oil change time can be reduced moderately. The feed valve and its rolling bearings should be replaced with grease on time. For the new feed valve, the grease should be sodium-based. 2. Check the tension level of the V-belt before driving. When adjusting, you can move the motor to a proper position according to the adjustment of the anchor bolts. The level of tightness of the transmission belt is suitable. Check and adjust or replace the transmission system. The transmission chain should also be brushed with appropriate mechanical oil, and the transmission chain should be cleaned on time. 3. Check whether the power circuit and electrical equipment are safe before trial operation. If it is an electric heating type kneader, be sure to check whether its grounding system is reliable. Also, the kneading machine room should be cleaned and tidy, and the aircraft parts should be transferred within 10-15 minutes. After confirming that the equipment is operating normally, the funds will be invested in production. Generally, the noise of new mobile phone transmission gears (including reducers) will be relatively large in the early stage of application. Of course, the noise will be reduced after a period of operation. 4. When using steam to heat up, the inlet pipe should be equipped with a valve and barometer. The working pressure of steam must not exceed the specified working pressure of the mixing tank with the professional knowledge of the identification plate. The steam pipeline is not allowed to leak. When the equipment is not in use, the gate valve should be closed and the credibility of the valve pressure gauge should be ensured. 5. If it is pre-plasticized by mixing paddles, it should be avoided as much as possible. 6. There is no need for leakage of raw materials in the tightness department of the wall. 7. After six months of operation, maintenance should be carried out to check the damage level of spare parts, and make appropriate adjustments and replacements.