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The key of the kneading machine is composed of the engine block, cylinder head, mixing paddle, base, driver system software, electrical system, etc.All production and manufacturing nodes are produced and processed in accordance with the requirements of engineering drawings and customer special requirements, and the welding parts are released as ground stress. The support points and planes are all meticulous according to the standard plan of the CNC lathe mill. Each component is described in detail below and the key processing technology. Engine cylinder block-The engine cylinder block is a jacketed W-shaped pot body and the upper and lower supports. It consists of baffle plates. The wear-resistant lining of the pot body is laser cut and produced from stainless steel plates and welded on the mold. The baffle plates are made of cold-rolled steel plates and cut and welded according to the engineering drawings. The mixing blade and the extruder screw pass through the holes in order to make the mixing blade and the extruder screw rotate stably. People choose the integrated boring production process, that is, the baffle plate and the pot body are connected by screws first, and the positioning is done. The pin, with the W bottom arc and the upright plane as the reference point, according to the engineering drawings, boring the passing hole on the baffle plate and the hole in the bearing section to ensure the flatness of the two propellers And coaxiality, to promote the stable operation of machinery and equipment. Cylinder head --- The cylinder head is made of stainless steel sheet and stainless steel and welded into an arc shape. The outer frame is processed by a milling machine to produce a plan view and a recessed groove. The customer stipulated that various sockets were produced and processed, which created a standard mixing paddle for the tightness of the engine cylinder block. The mixing paddle is the key prefabricated component of the kneader. The grinding tool is manufactured by the manufacturer through calculation and sent to The rolling mill uses 45 # steel to cast ZG35 castings. After 2 successive milling operations, the stainless steel plate is clad to form a base. The base is generally welded using standard round steel or I-shaped steel. Below the key support points, the steel prefabricated components are relatively drained to ensure the reliability of the shell. The base is welded on a special service platform to ensure the flatness of the base, which enables the equipment to run the drive system software excellently and stably- -Part of the kneading machine driver includes rolling bearings, peer transmission gears, reduction boxes and motors. After the overall boring production and processing of the pot body, the transmission of supporting facilities after the assembly line The transmission gear is connected to the output of the reduction gearbox according to the toothed sleeve. The motor and the reduction gearbox use a conductive and flexible connection with a belt pulley. The motor and the reduction gearbox can be very well maintained. The key part of the driver is the quality of the purchased parts and the coaxiality of the assembly line. Therefore, the use of a set of imported gearboxes and motors is the key to ensuring the safe operation of the kneader. In addition, the coaxiality of the output end of the gearbox and the input end of the mixing shaft needs to be calibrated during the assembly line, so that the kneader can be handy during operation and reduce Noise, increase the electrical system during use-The electrical system is like the brain of a kneader. All postures of the kneader are maintained according to the electrical system, including heating operation, mixing paddle rotation, feeding, opening and closing of the cylinder head. Therefore, the electrical system processing and manufacturing industry is very critical. Electric products with solid quality should be used. The circuit principle is valid and the safety power supply circuit is perfect. Only then can the motor be well maintained and the kneader can be operated stably in the natural environment with high toughness.