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Disperser is a kind of mixer in theory. Because the use of a high-speed stirrer (such as a disc-shaped sawtooth type stirrer) can generate a strong flow field in part, generally it has a strong practical effect on the dispersion of raw materials. Therefore, this type of high-speed mixer is also called a disperser. The key of the disperser is divided into a lifting disperser and a kettle disperser. According to the lifting method, the lifting disperser can be divided into: a hydraulic lift disperser, a pneumatic lift disperser, a manual lift disperser, etc. Mechanical equipment lifting and dispersing machine is widely used in building coatings, solids, and other related equipment for mixing and dispersing and melting. It is widely used in a series of chemical raw materials such as architectural coatings, inks, color pastes, and adhesives. The transmission system, the main transmission system, the mixing system software, the guiding organization, and the electrical control cabinet are composed of five parts, each of which has a compact and effective structure. Dispersion plate form: flat plate sawtooth type, three prosperous paddle type, dish type, other methods. The dispersing machine is widely used in a variety of architectural coatings and solid state equipment for dispersing and melting. It is widely used in architectural coatings, inks, colorants, adhesives and other other chemical raw materials. This equipment It consists of five key parts: hydraulic drive system, main drive system, mixing system software, guiding organization, and electrical control cabinet. Each part is compact and effective. The stepless speed change can fully consider the different processing technology regulations in the whole process of each processing technology, and can choose different speed ratios according to different processing technology links. The 髙 speed disperser is suitable for a variety of raw materials for stirring, melting and dispersing and paint coloring. It has simple practical operation and strong adaptability. It is an ideal intelligent machine for mixing and dispersing. The intelligent disperser is generally a combined structure composed of a rapid disperser and an anchor stirrer, but it can also be equipped with black anti-static tweezers and basket-type grinding equipment according to customer processing requirements. They can be applied independently and have different compositions, showing fast and reasonable mixing, homogeneity and emulsion for viscous raw materials in the biochemical, skin care and pharmaceutical industries. It can also be applied on customer's request. It can also be single-sided or equipped with a jacket. Electric heaters, steam heating or cooling applications can be used in the collet. It is mainly used for crushing, dispersing, emulsifying and mixing liquid raw materials with different viscosities. Based on the new high-speed mixing machines and equipment running at high speeds around the dispersing discs, the raw materials are quickly cut, collided and broken , Disperse, achieve rapid mixing, melting, dispersing and optimizing. The feeding area is additionally sucked into the working cavity from the radial direction.