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The flat mouth mixer is a forward rotation mixer and a reverse feed. It can stir plastic deformation and air-drying forced concrete. The machine has the advantages of stable operation, convenient practical operation, high cost-effective mixing, and high production efficiency. It is matched with the feeding and weighing equipment and can constitute a small and medium-sized concrete mixing station. Applicable to general construction projects, roads, bridges, hydropower projects and other engineering projects.

Column type flat mouth mixer is a new type of concrete mixer suitable for general highways, power plants, embankment projects, construction projects, roads, highway bridges, hydropower projects, and large and medium-sized cement plants. It has the advantages of stable operation, low energy consumption, compact structure, reliable transmission system, light key, and high productivity. It can stir plastic deformation, dry forcing, flowable concrete and light stone and cement mortar.

Flat mouth disc mixer features:

1 The entire equipment design concept is effective and the performance is optimized;

2Ease of application and maintenance;

3 solid and reliable, long life;

4 Stirring cost-effective, high efficiency

5Convenient practical operation, faster material discharge speed

6 Low energy consumption and low noise

Maintenance of flat mouth disc mixer:

1. Ensure that the column type flat mouth mixer and the surrounding environment are cleaned up.

2. Immediately eliminate the running material in the silo, and make the controller return to zero normally.

3. Check whether the grease at each humidification point is sufficient, and the pneumatic triple parts in the air supply system software should maintain sufficient residual oil.

4. Check whether the motors and household appliances have over-temperature conditions and abnormal noises. Check whether the instrument panel indicates that everything is normal and whether the signal system is intact.

5, often check, adjust the cylinder, disc valve and solenoid valve, etc., so that opening and closing in accordance with regulations.

6, often check the system software, if there are ash leakage, steam leakage, oil leakage and power outages and other conditions should be properly handled.

7. The mixer and discharge bin should be cleaned every four hours to prevent residual concrete soil and prevent all normal operations.

8. Each class should drain the internal water storage such as air compressor, air storage tank and filter device, and clear the common faults in operation.

9. Dish valves, mixers, solenoid valves, air filters and pneumatic triples are maintained in accordance with the relevant instructions.

Product introduction:

Dry powder mortar mixer is also called dry powder mortar mixer, which is a mechanical equipment that uses two or more powder equipment materials to mix uniformly by using the force and force of mechanical equipment. Dry powder mortar mixer can mix a variety of materials with each other to form a homogeneous compound; it can increase the contact area of the material to promote chemical changes; it can also accelerate the change of physical state, such as adding organic solvents to the amount and concentration of particulate matter. The effect can speed up the melting and stirring.


Dry powder mortar mixer machine equipment can consider the production of dry powder cement mortar, dry powder materials, dry powder adhesives, etc. with different characteristics, such as: interior wall putty powder, dry powder building coating, wall building coating, plaster mortar, insulation system A variety of dry powder cement mortars such as required cement mortar, decorative design cement mortar; and it has many advantages such as small floor area, low project investment, good effect, and simple practical operation.

Dry powder mortar mixer is a new type of technical and professional powder equipment. It has already received a good five-star praise in the sales market at this stage, especially in the improvement of the basic principles of machinery and equipment from column mixing to vertical mixing. After that, the steady increase in productivity has allowed this machine to step into the hands of more customers. The fashionable vertical dry powder mortar mixer in the current sales market has the following characteristics:

1. The mixing speed is faster. The double-layer spiral belt is selected for the overall fitness exercise. The speed is faster and the production volume is higher. The average mixing time is 5 to 10 minutes.

2. It is used in one machine, and it can also produce inorganic thermal insulation mortar, putty paste, plaster, plaster, etc.

3. The maintenance rate is low. The rolling bearings are on both sides of the mixer, and the materials are not easy to reach. A cycloid reducer reducer is installed, and the maintenance rate is low.

4. High mixing precision, full-scale fitness exercise of materials, double-layer spiral belt, no dead corners for mixing, high precision and high cost performance;

5, small footprint, fully automatic feeding equipment, improve work efficiency.

6. Round cylinder structure, stable operation, low noise, long service life and wide application field.


The mixer of the vertical ribbon dry powder mortar mixer is generally designed as an internal and external three-layer spiral gear. When the mixer is in operation, the internal and external spirals push the barrel body material to roll, and the internal spiral pushes the material near the pivot to pivot. The material is guided to the material layer from the inside to the two sides, and the material is guided to the material layer by the outer spiral. The material is pivoted from the side to the material layer in the radial direction, and is promoted from the two sides to the inside. The barrel body rolls materials in a large range. The materials are in the thermal convection circulation system of the barrel body, cut and mixed, and the materials are quickly and uniformly mixed in a short period of time.

Nowadays, the country attaches great importance to green development. Qingshanlvshui means people's green development concept. Companies can no longer use the extensive production management of the enterprise as before, and they must follow the management method line of fine management, which is very industry.

The industry is a high energy and high energy consumption manufacturing industry. Today, when the country advocates green development, if the economic development mode cannot be changed, it will be phased out immediately. The dry powder compacting machine manufactured by Huazhikai equipment further improves the high efficiency of manufacturing, reduces air pollution, and improves economic returns. So how does Huazhikai ball press achieve the above improvement? In the whole process of the smelter, the slag powder is suppressed to form according to the dry powder ball press, which can improve the high efficiency of the smelter and suppress the raw coal powder into balls. It can improve the high efficiency of raw coal and reduce the air pollution caused by smoke and dust, which is conducive to transportation. Ball presses have been widely used in metallurgical industry, chemical plants, decorative building materials and other manufacturing industries. Warmly welcome new and old customers to visit the factory.