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1. The blender operator must undergo professional skills training at a higher level leading safety work department, and the actual operation (guaranteed to hold a license) can only be carried out after the examination and evidence collection side is passed, and non-drivers are forbidden to operate.

2. Check the safety protection of the transmission system of the mixer and the electronic components of the electrical control system before the shift should be smart, reliable and reasonable.

3. The mixer operator should always check the specifications of the vermiculite, which should be consistent with the characteristics of the newly applied mixer. If it is found that it is not applicable beyond the approved scope.

4. Always check the mixing drum, mixing blades and wear-resistant linings, shafts, rollers, transmission system transmission gears, belt discs, V-belts, sprocket chains and transmission chains, clutches, braking systems, galvanized steel ropes, quantitative The water supply and drainage equipment and safety devices should be intact, the anchor bolts connected at all places should be tightened reliably, and the position of the metal material of the motor of the mixer should be maintained properly.

5. Before mixing, first check whether the rotation of the mixing drum or blade is in compliance with the required operating position, and then carry out dry running. If you find any abnormal conditions, you should first shut down, disconnect the switching power supply and carry out regular inspection and maintenance, and wait for common failures. After clearing, start dry run.

6. After 1 to 3 minutes of empty operation after starting, the operation of the mixing drum or the stirring blade should be stable, the left and right sides of the silo should be convenient, and the pump and the quantitative water supply and drainage equipment should work normally before starting the mixing work.

7. It is forbidden to use special tools or all items to reach into the mixing drum for unloading. It is not allowed to carry out maintenance work during operation.

8. When the silo is raised, it is forbidden to work or work directly underneath it. When clearing the bucket pit, the empty bucket should be fixed and firm before it can be carried out.

9. When mixing, unload the stirred mash before adding granules. It must be carried out during operation when feeding. Do not turn off the machine halfway or start the mixer when it is overloaded (other than turning the feed). Raw materials Do not exceed the short-circuit capacity of the mixer.

10. When the mixer suddenly encounters common failures during overload operation, it should be turned off, disconnected, switched off, and locked in the lock box. After cleaning the raw materials in the barrel, carry out maintenance fault detection.

11. After the work is finished, solve the mixer to carry out cleaning and drop the silo into the bucket pit. If it is raised, use the drive chain to fasten the lamp or the bucket pin. In winter, the water of the pump and pipeline should be drained and the power switch should be disconnected Lock the lockbox.

12. Maintenance and maintenance of the mixer need to trip to turn off the power supply and inspection equipment, and the distribution cabinet is locked to ensure that the no-power side can be opened for maintenance. In addition, full-time personnel are required to monitor.