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The two-layer mixing tank is used to stir cement mortar materials, and is used for tunnel construction, excavation and maintenance, prestressed steel building construction and maintenance, coal mine projects, construction of dams, large and medium-sized highway bridges and multi-story buildings Working pressure grouting of engineering projects and their various underground buildings.

The two-layer mixing bucket is of continuous function type. One part of the main body is an elongated bucket. The central government of the bucket is equipped with a level shaft. The shaft is driven by the motor according to the gear. The drum is separated into a supply hopper, a measurement verification bin, and a mixing silo. The matching parts of the level shaft and each bin are each equipped with a feeding blade, a measurement verification spiral blade and a stirring blade. The pre-mixed granules are added from the feeding port, fed through the feeder blades and the metering verification spiral blades, and fed into the mixing chamber uniformly. The inlet of the mixing tank is equipped with a water spray pipe head, and the water is discharged uniformly by intelligent water meter measurement. The mixed material is stirred by the stirring blade and sent to the discharge port for discharge. The rotary mortar mixer can be flexibly equipped according to the conditions of the construction site. The feed port can be immediately connected to the discharge tank for feeding, or it can be loaded into the silo at the feed port and poured into a bag of pellets. The inlet can be connected to a hanging tank or a mortar pump. This type of mortar mixer can feed while feeding. In addition to stirring the mortar, it can also mix bean stone concrete and paper reinforced lime powder with high production efficiency.

Blender instruction manual:

1. Check that the stirring centrifugal impeller is turned properly to ensure that the slurry discharge pipe does not leak water;

2. Add an appropriate amount of water, open the equipment to clean and moisten the paper buckets and pipes, and release the calcium and magnesium ions of the paper machine after cleaning.

3. Discharge no less than 80Kg,

Stir motor

The two-layer mixer is also called a mixing bucket by many people. It is used to continuously stir concrete mortar and cement mortar. The top layer stirs the next layer to store the mixed slurry. It is a supporting facility for grouting machines and mortar pumps. This equipment enables the mortar to pass through the secondary agitation, and then enters the storage silo for secondary agitation, which makes it difficult for the mortar to settle, the concrete to segregate, and the feed to be uniform and smooth to prevent slurry blocking. The mixer is lightweight and easy to install and transport. High and low speed mixers, 1000 liter slurry tanks, custom mixing stations, various mixers.