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Small mixers are more common in some engineering construction sites, and it creates a lot of convenience for people's construction operations. In daily life, people will not know much about it. Below, the net editor will bring you friends who do n’t understand it how to use it, and look at his role and characteristics.

Practical method of small mixer

1. There are mobile and portable small mixers. In the case of application, the mobile mixer must find a solid foundation for it. In the case of application, the portable mixer needs to be fixed with some things, and it must be maintained at a standard level.

2. In the case of actual application, remember to check whether every device and part of the mixer is normal to ensure that everything is working properly. Make sure that the working equipment and safety devices are in all normal conditions. Check whether the apex is moderately tight and whether the two sides of the stirring shaft are in a tight condition.

3. After starting the mixer, it is not necessary to add raw materials first, and let it rotate at a high speed for a while. After you have determined that the rotation of the stirring blade is the proper orientation, add the raw materials to be applied. In addition, if the raw material is sand, the sand must be sifted and then put in to prevent damage to it.

4. In the case of all normal work of the mixer, be sure to give a safety reminder, do not need to talk about reaching into the hand, do not work in the mouth of the tube, and do not need to put other things such as sticks in it. In the whole process of work, if there are some common faults that make the mixer not work properly, unplug the switching power supply immediately, and let the mixer clear all the mortar inside after the work is stopped. According to law, investigate and deal with common fault sources, maintenance When done, let the mixer work.

5. After the operation of the mixer is completed, turn off the switching power supply, pour out the mortar and raw materials inside the mixer, and pour out all the waste with cold water. It is the job to maintain the mixer.

Characteristics of small mixer

1. The actual operation of the small mixer is relatively simple for large and medium-sized ones, and the actual operation time of the small mixer is in the middle of 2-3 minutes. Working stirring time is between 5-8 minutes.

2. The small mixer has a small footprint because of its small size.

3. In work, the small mixer is very well-balanced, and it is not easy to have some residual things.

4. The small mixer is very stable in work and has high efficiency.

The small mixer does have its characteristics and advantages, and the actual operation is very simple. Everyone can choose and choose according to their own requirements in daily life.