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1. Well-known equipment manufacturers

The advent of the "Internet technology +" period, like a dual-faced harm to our daily lives, has not only expanded our information resources, but has also increased the difficulty factor in distinguishing between true and false. When you buy a device, you do n’t have to just see the device characteristics on the network. It ’s very good to hear. The price of high-efficiency and powerful mixer equipment is as small as 100,000 to several million. Therefore, when purchasing, you can access a few more devices on the network for basic comparison. When you make a purchase, you still have to go to the manufacturer to conduct a visit Then consider signing the contract.

2. Equipment technical parameters

The key to a high-efficiency and powerful mixer is a high-throughput and high-precision mixing of a variety of powder equipment materials with excellent flowability. The mixer consists of two vast majority of server and electronic control system. The high-efficiency and powerful mixer introduced the advanced overseas technology and production technology for digestion and absorption, and the overall operation was stable and reliable.

3. After-sales service of equipment

The purchase of a high-efficiency and powerful mixer is not a one-time transaction. The mixer can be used for up to ten years under the premise of all normal application maintenance, and parts will inevitably appear during the entire application process. Small common fault conditions such as disassembly must be replaced, which requires equipment manufacturers to upgrade after-sales maintenance services. Purchasing original parts from the original manufacturer can largely ensure the credibility of the equipment application.

The above is a summary of matters that Nantong City Senbo has to pay attention to when purchasing equipment based on more than ten years of working experience in sales, and looks forward to showing reasonable assistance to customers who are willing to purchase equipment.