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As soon as I stepped into the insulating glass manufacturing industry, everything about making insulating glass for production and processing is new, and everything is a new start. It can be very exaggerated to say that before this there were even the basic steps for making insulating glass, and which equipment and raw materials must be applied. It can be said that it was very blind to follow the trend when choosing to enter the industry at that time. !!

After entering this manufacturing industry, I found that the steps for making insulating glass are very complicated and the precision requirements for important links are very high. Problems with precision at a certain stage are all in the work that endangers the next natural environment. In addition, it is important The link also requires many employees to perform the actual operation, and this kind of work is all complicated work with repeated aspect ratios. Among them, it is the last step of making insulating glass. , Not only consumes very much human resources but also takes a long time.

Therefore, the author has discovered and found that the insulating glass glue glue machine can replace the manual service to carry out the secondary sealing of the insulating glass and the manufactured products are higher in actual effect than the manual service.

As for the insulating glass glue machine, the author found that it was divided into two types. One is a column type insulating glass glue machine. The small and medium-sized enterprises that are relatively expensive and not suitable for the author immediately left it. The horizontal insulating glass gluing machine surveyed, this machine is not only exquisite but also high quality and low cost. The insulating glass is exquisite in appearance and can be said to be cost-effective and thoroughly prepared in advance for small and medium enterprises like people's companies. To add a digression, when buying the glue machine at that time, considering a company in Shandong Province and a company in Tangshan City, I checked the information content of these two companies on the Internet and found that the company in Tangshan City is called the bedroom Product research and founding company of the insulating glass glue machine, then the author checked the company's invention patent certificate for the insulating glass glue machine on the website of the Trademark Office, so I bought the equipment of Tangshan City. The company ’s The name is Tangshan Chenglin NC Machine Tool Machinery Equipment Factory.

As a user of the horizontal insulating glass glue machine, I will also introduce the application experience of the insulating glass glue machine to everyone in detail. It is also considered as a pottery friend who is preparing to purchase an insulating glass glue machine to point out the road.

Speed of Horizontal Insulating Glass Gluing Machine

According to the author's application of the horizontal insulating glass glue machine, the glue application rate is about 1 square meter per minute, which includes the rate of the upper and lower films of laminated glass. If it is a hand and foot worker who professionally undertakes the sandwich The speaking rate of the left and right pieces of glass can be reduced by about half. Here it is shown that the manufacturer of horizontal insulating glass glue machine will show two moving glasses for laminating glass. People put laminated glass into the trolley and the workers rotate the trolley to carry out the actual operation of the glue machine on the four sides of the insulating glass. The author's enterprise finds one employee who specializes in the actual operation of the laminated glass, and another employee who specializes in the actual operation of the book to carry out the glue application.

About product quality

Regarding the quality of the insulating glass produced by the horizontal insulating glass glue machine, it seems to me that it is relatively good ~~ It is even more so after seeing the products produced by the pot-type glue machine in the past. For satisfaction. Relatives have to use the end-gun glass glue machine to carry out the sealing operation after the actual operation of the glue must be repaired in the four corners, while the horizontal insulating glass glue machine produced by the hollow glass foundation does not need to press the four corners While solving. If you find that there are too many colloidal solutions on the four corners or four sides, you can develop the clamping force of the glue machine, such as the adjustment of the working pressure or the rate of glue application, only when the adjustment is very good. Row. Regarding the author's work experience, there is no need to adjust it often, unless the deep difference of the aluminum plate that people are pasting is too large, in addition, people usually do not need to adjust the work pressure.

Related equipment maintenance

The maintenance of this machine and equipment is an area that I am very satisfied with. It saves time and labor. The foundation does not require the manufacturer to shoot people to come back to solve, eliminating the need to wait for experienced personnel from the manufacturer. The first foundation of this machine is that there are very few areas where iron rashes are easily destroyed. The spare parts are the many power switches and their various instrument panels and electronic gate valves. If there is a problem in this area, In the instrument panel of the machine and equipment, a reminder is given, which part of which electronic device has been damaged, and then people can replace it on their own, and it is very easy to replace it! Naturally, if the common fault is more certified, the manufacturer can only wait for the manufacturer to send someone to repair it.